Bobby Knight Obituary: Basketball Legend, Passes Away at 83

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American Robert Montgomery Knight coached men's college basketball. Known by his nickname "the General," Knight is presently fifth all-time with 902 career wins in NCAA Division I men's basketball, a record at the time of his retirement. From 1971 to 2000, Knight led the Indiana Hoosiers as their head coach. Source: Wikipedia

  • Born: October 25, 1940, Orrville, Ohio, United States
  • Died: November 1, 2023
  • Spouse: Karen Vieth Edgar (m. 1988), Nancy Falk (m. 1963–1985)
  • Children: Pat Knight, Tim Knight
  • Awards: Naismith Men's College Coach of the Year, MORE
  • Parents: Pat Knight, Hazel Knight

Bobby Knight Obituary

On November 1, 2023, Bobby Knight, the renowned basketball coach at Indiana University who led the Hoosiers to three NCAA titles, passed away at the age of 83. His family was there at his Bloomington, Indiana, home.

Basketball Legend Bobby Knight Passes Away at 83, Leaving a Hall of Fame Legacy

Basketball Hall of Famer Bobby Knight, whose uncompromising coaching approach won him both ardent fans and detractors, passed yesterday at the age of 83 at his Bloomington, Indiana, home. His family released a statement announcing his passing.

In college basketball, Bobby Knight was a legendary player who went by nicknames like "the General" among his ardent supporters. With more than 900 victories during his distinguished career, he is regarded as one of the most successful college coaches in the United States.

Although many people recognized Knight's coaching abilities, his legacy was characterized by a complicated blend of respect and controversy. In his book "A Season on the Brink," renowned sportswriter John Feinstein, who wrote about Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers, summed it up by stating, "When he was good, there was no one better than Bob Knight." He made sure his players graduated, was kind, as well showed concern for them. The best was him. There weren't many worse when he was at his worst.

Knight was adored by many former players and supporters, especially in Indiana, which is known for its love of basketball. He was a coach for most of his career in Indiana, where he had a lasting impression.

Born Robert Montgomery Knight in Massillon, Ohio, on October 25, 1940, and raised in Orrville, Knight pursued his basketball career in high school and at Ohio State University, where he played under eventual Hall of Fame coach Fred Taylor. There, in 1960, the team won an NCAA title.

Knight became the youngest varsity coach in NCAA history when he began his head coaching tenure at West Point at the age of 24. He enrolled at Indiana University in 1971 and spent 29 years there.

Knight was renowned for his methodical and strict approach, which he used to instruct his team in the nuances of his motion attack. This way of thinking placed more emphasis on how players responded to defenses, set screens, and moved the ball than it did on predetermined plays. Knight also emphasized the value of education, making sure that his players committed to their studies and attendance in class. During his time at Indiana, almost 80% of his players graduated, which is almost double the national average for Division I universities.

Former Indiana player and current head coach Mike Woodson acknowledged that Knight influenced him as a man and as a player during his time as a player in the 1970s. Woodson emphasized how Knight influenced both his personal growth and his basic comprehension of the game.

Indiana won 11 Big Ten Conference titles, one NIT championship (1979), three NCAA crowns (1976, 1981, and 1987), and one NIT championship (1979) under Knight's direction. Along with his success as a college coach, Knight led American teams to gold medals in the 1979 Pan American Games and the 1984 Olympics. For his efforts, he was named National Coach of the Year four times, among other honors.

After being duly inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991, Knight modestly said that his players and assistant coaches had contributed to his success, saying, "I've never felt comfortable with the award 'Coach of the Year' or coach of anything." "Team of the Year" seems like a lot more fitting title to utilize, in my opinion.

Another award came to Knight in 2006 when he was admitted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

But despite his incredible accomplishments as a coach, controversy dogged Knight's career. He had a reputation for scolding players and referees during contests. He was accused of attacking a policeman in Puerto Rico in 1979 while the Pan American Games were in session. He is most known for his infamous chair-throwing incident in a 1985 game versus Purdue University, their bitter rival.

Knight said something extremely controversial in an NBC interview in 1988: "If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it." Although he subsequently clarified that he was referring to an outdated phrase rather than the crime of rape, the remark infuriated women's organizations.

A former player claimed in the years that Knight had choked him during a drill in 1997. Although Knight refuted the accusation, there seemed to be video evidence to support his claim. The coach's actions were met with a "zero-tolerance policy" by Indiana University, which resulted in his firing in 2000 following an incident in which he grabbed a student by the arm. The Hoosiers finished with 662 wins and 239 loses while he was a student at Indiana.

After leaving Indiana, Knight spent almost seven seasons as a coach at Texas Tech University before he retired in 2008. He then worked for ESPN as a college basketball analyst until 2015, when his contract was not extended.

Ref: npr


Who is Bobby Knight?

Bobby Knight is a well-known former collegiate basketball coach who had great success coaching at Texas Tech and Indiana University. Many people call him "the General."

How old is Bobby Knight?

October 25, 1940, was Bobby Knight's birthday. Based on that date, you may determine his age as of right now. Like as 2023 his age 83 years.

What are Bobby Knight's notable coaching achievements?

During his illustrious coaching career, Bobby Knight won 11 Big Ten Conference titles, one NIT championship, and three NCAA titles with Indiana. Additionally, he led American squads to gold medals in the 1984 Olympics and the 1979 Pan American Games.

In conclusion

Bobby Knight's legacy bears witness to the intricacy of his personal and professional life. He became one of the most renowned college basketball coaches in the country, winning a ton of titles and honors in the process. His unwavering commitment to his players' education and core style of play made a lasting impression on the game.

Knight's coaching career was, nevertheless, also clouded by scandal and erratic conduct. He was frequently in the news for reasons other than his coaching abilities because of his outspoken personality, both on and off the court.

Bobby Knight is remembered today in the basketball community and beyond for both his achievements and his difficult times. Whether you respect his accomplishments or disagree with his strategies, there is no denying his influence on basketball, and his legacy will be discussed and argued for years to come.

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